10 Fundraising Tips

Peer-to-Peer fundraising is the idea of leveraging your network and community to help them become advocates in order to support the millions affected by autism.
This is how you are going to be successful B2B fundraiser and how you are going to blow your fundraising goal out of the water!!
Trust us … these work: 

Tip 1: Start early.

The sooner you start, the more money you will raise. After you create your customized fundraising page, get organized and send out an email asking friends and family for donations. We have pre-written email templates on your dashboard to make this easy for you.

Tip 2: Set a challenging but attainable fundraising goal.

Your goal should be a stretch, but doable. If you are getting close to your goal, then raise it so people continue to donate. You can edit it on your dashboard.

Tip 3: Contact everyone you know.

Start with your address book, then your Facebook network and lists from clubs you belong to. Share your custom URL. You’ll be surprised who gives!  

Tip 4: Customize your emails.

Make the email template yours! Include a personal story – why you’re raising money, why it’s important to you, and where the money goes.

Tip 5: Create an email schedule and stick to it.

Set dates to send a first email announcing your participation, a second email asking for donations, an update email, and a “last chance” email.

Tip 6: Ask, ask, and ask again.

People can only make a donation if you give them the opportunity. Don’t be shy about asking more than once. People need to be reminded, whether that be through email, text or calling!

Tip 7: Add social media to the mix.

Use updates in Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat and other media to update friends on your fundraising and provide a direct link to your fundraising page.

Tip 8: Get creative.

Add your personal URL to your email signature. Put out spare change jars on campus, hold a bake sale, throw a dine-in night, etc.  We have more ideas under our Fundraising Ideas page (below)

Tip 9: Stay focused.

Remind yourself of why you are participating in the event and how the money you will raise will help others. Turn to other fundraisers for inspiration and ideas.

Tip 10: Send a personalized thank you.

After you’ve completed your fundraising, send your results to donors and thank them again for their help. You might need their support again next year!