Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Registration is easy and is powered through the Givhero app:

  • TAP HERE FROM YOUR SMART PHONE to download the Givhero app. You can also click the link on your desktop and follow prompts to send link to your phone. Sign up using your email address and accept the challenge.
  • After you accept the challenge, you can set your own goal (we suggest 100 miles) and connect Givhero to the fitness tracker of your choice (only one can be connected at a time).

What does it cost to register?

Registration is free. A self-donation of any amount is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Do I have to ride 100 miles?

We suggest either a 100 mile, 50 mile or 25 mile goal; however, the goal that you set can be any mileage over 10 miles.

Note: although you can keep tracking your miles after you hit you goal, you can only set your goal one time. So, if you set your goal at 50-miles, and you pass 50-miles, you will not be able to update your goal. However, in this challenge, Givhero will still track your mileage and you can continue to fundraise after hitting you goal.

Why create a team? What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to creating a team: camaraderie, competition, sharing the experience with a friend.

If I download and register for the Givhero app am I a part of the Add Impact Local Support Challenge?

NO, after downloading Givhero you must register for the Add Impact Local Support Challenge within the app.

If I am on a team does that mean I am a part of the Add Impact Local Support Challenge?

NO, you must join the Add Impact Local Support Challenge AND select a team to join.

How do I join the challenge if I already have the Givhero App?

People who have already downloaded the app (but have not joined the challenge) should click the “Challenges” button and join the Challenge, then click the “Teams” button to join your team. That way they will be in the Challenge and be on your Team.

Support local non-profits during this global pandemic.

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Who does the fundraising benefit?

Bike to the Beach supports AUTISM & disABILTIES on both a National and Local level. For this challenge, we have partnered with 1-2 local service providers in Houston, New York, New Englad, and DC/Maryland/Virginia.

We partner with local service providers and area advocacy organizations in each area we operate. Each of our local non-profit partners are able to fundraise through our event. Our goal is to help local non-profit service providers that are making a difference, and we are actively seeking new partnerships.   Let us know if you think a local provider is a good fit! For more information, click here

Do I have to raise money?

Fundraising is not required, but encouraged. Every dollar you raise will be donated to local non-profit organizations, and will help you earn prizes.

How do I share Add Impact Local Support Challenge and do additional fundraising?

Givhero is a comprehensive activity tracker and fundraising tool. Once you have set-up your account, tap on the challenge from dashboard and:

  • Scroll down to the Sponsors
  • Tap the red icon.
  • Choose the emailContacts, or Let me type in If you’ve made this goal public, you’ll also see options for posting to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Follow the instructions to invite a sponsor.
  • Customize your message before sending to your potential sponsor

Will I receive fundraising support?

Once registered you will have access into the Givhero fundraising application with built-in fundraising tools. If, at any point you need fundraising support, tips, or just someone to talk to contact us.

If you need help with the Givhero app, contact their support:

Where do I mail donation checks?

Donation checks should be made out to “Bike to the Beach” and mailed to:
Bike to the Beach
1990 K St, NW, 2nd Floor
Washington, DC 20006

What is B2B's Tax ID?

Bike to the Beach, Inc.’s Tax ID is as follows: 26-1809507.

How much can I earn per mile?

For every mile you ride (indoor or out), we will donate to a local non-profit. Every mile = 54 cents, representing the 1 in 54 children diagnosed with autism.  The total any rider can earn for their local team is $54 (or 100 miles). We are committed to contributing up to $10,000

Will every mile count, even if I don't hit OR exceed my goal?

Givhero will track every mile that you ride during our 3-week challenge. However, the total any rider can earn for their local team is $54 (or 100 miles).

In order for your miles to count, you must be a part of “The Add Impact Challenge” in Givhero, not just on the Givhero App. 

How are partial miles calculated?

Givhero rounds down for any partial milage achieved, but will save the “part of the mile” for you next ride. For example, if you ride 5.6 miles in Day 1, you will be credited with 5 miles (5 x $0.54 = $2.7). If you ride 5.4 miles next day, you will be credited with the  5.4 miles from Day 2 and the 0.6 miles from Day 1 for a total of 6 miles (6 x $0.54 = 3.24).

What are the fundraising incentives?

Bike to the Beach has has an incentive point system that rewards you for fundraising:

  • Get a sweatband when you donate to yourself
  • Raise $75 to earn a “Add Impact Challenge” t-shirt.
  • Raise $150 to earn a FREE Bike to the Beach Registration for 2020 or 2021.

You will receive your fundraising incentives after the conclusion of the challenge. Note: shipping is NOT included.

How do donations and pledges work?

Donations will be automatically processed when you achieve your individually set goal and/or at the end of the campaign.

  •  If you do not hit your goal, we will manually process your committed donations.
  •  If you receive donations after reaching your goal, we will process those donations at the end of the challenge.

Note: Donations based on mileage may not show up in real-time, including the $0.54 per mile donation.

How does the leaderboard work?

Bike to the Beach will regularly post download data about mileage completed and donations committed in the message area of your Givhero app.

The leaderboard can only show amount of “challenges/goals” completed. It cannot compare miles completed or donations committed. In the user view of the app, individuals will be able to see the mileage and committed donations or other people in the “challenge”, but not in an ordered “leaderboard”.

Support local non-profits in their time of need.

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Can I manually enter my mileage?

Yes. To manually enter your miles: 

  • Open the Givhero App 
  • Click on the “More”option in the lower right corner 
  • Click “Log Activity” 

But you can also synch with most fitness apps. Read more on the Givhero FAQ.

How frequently does Givhero sync with my fitness app?

Givhero attempts to sync every five minutes. But depending on connectivity, it may take up to 15 minutes for you to see the latest data. We recommend frequently syncing your tracker with the provider’s app so that Givhero receives your data as soon as possible. Read more on the Givhero FAQ.

How do I connect my Peloton to Strava?

Visit the Strava website for detailed instructions on how to connect the Peloton to Strava.

Support local non-profits in their time of need.

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