Participating and fundraising with Bike to the Beach comes with its rewards.  We have an incentive points system where registering, raising money, recruiting riders and/or volunteers, and engaging within the fundraising portal will earn you Bike to the Beach incentive points that are redeemable from our online store.

In addition, fundraising points are an important part of our fundraising policy: Each Bike to the Beach participant cyclist is required to raise the minimum pledge of $500 OR earn 1,000 fundraising points through our fundraising portal.  This system allows riders who may not be able to reach the $500 minimum to support the cause in other ways, such as sharing our partner stories on social media or recruiting riders.

Here are the ways that you can  earn points:

  • 1 pt: For each $1 raised
  • 25 pts: For social media posts (only if done through fundraising portal)
  • 25 pts: For each donation
  • 50 pts: Personalize page your fundraising page
  • 150 pts: Recruit Riders
  • 250 pts: Team captain

How to Redeem Points:

To redeem your points, simply go to your account home page and select “Redeem Points”. Once that is completed, you will be sent a discount code for the monetary value of your incentive points which can be used at the online store to purchase Bike to the Beach merchandise.