Participating and fundraising with Bike to the Beach comes with its rewards.  We have created a an incentive points system where registering, raising money, recruiting riders and/or volunteers, and engaging within the fundraising portal will earn you Bike to the Beach incentive points that are redeemable from our online store.

Here is how to earn points:

  • 1 pt: For each $1 raised
  • 25 pts: Social media posts and for each donation
  • 50 pts: Personalize page your fundraising page
  • 100 pts: Recruit Riders
  • 250 pts: Team captain
  • 500 pts: Yellow Jersey

How to Redeem Points:

To redeem your points, simply go to your account home page and select “Redeem Points”. Once that is completed, you will be sent a discount code for the monetary value of your incentive points which can be used at the online store to purchase Bike to the Beach merchandise.