I’ve been connected to Bike to the Beach for almost six years. I would be happy to donate my time to a cause I really appreciate and enjoy supporting.

I have been a part of B2B for 8 years now, and I want to get more involved then just volunteering or riding at the events.

The yearly ride is so special to me – I look forward to riding every year, and would love to get more involved, to build an even greater event and increase participation.

I Bike to the Beach beach because I enjoy riding with friends, old and new.

I Bike to the Beach beach because I enjoy the ride and fellowship, but believe in the cause and am happy to contribute formally or informally.

Camper – Camp Flying Point The Flying Point Foundation for Autism

I am involved with Bike to the Beach to support autism awareness!! (And the people are pretty cool too!).

I bike because I am a teacher and believe that autism awareness is a very important. The support Bike to the Beach gives to families and people on the Autism Spectrum is truly inspiring, and I love that I am able to help make a difference.

I bike to the beach because I am a teacher. I ride for Autism Awareness as well as spreading Disabilities Awareness. My sister (1976-90) had Cerebral Palsy, and I have a big heart and passion for spreading awareness to all.

My most memorable B2B moments have been riding with my friends and making new ones along the way. Its been waiting for friends at rest stops, seeing friends waiting for me at rest stops, changing friends’ tires (even though it took me what seemed like forever) …