“Bike to the beach was the first organization that was able to empower me personally to take action and make a huge difference for our local autism community. They make it easy for individuals and small groups to make a significant impact by providing all the fundraising infrastructure, and more importantly, an amazing weekend.”

Jack Freeman (Pictured with Father)
Jimmy's Brother. Team Quest.

“His 2016 intro into the world of B2B got John (my son) off his butt and both was inspired to do the ride on the tandem with me AND participate in the fund raising AND it has boosted his level of confidence that much more!”

Joe Rigazio (Pictured with Son])
John’s Father - Team Talisen

I ride for my son, Ethan, and the Crossroads School. Before Crossroads, Ethan would have been considered non-verbal, now he has a ton of language. I am so proud to be doing this ride to fund resources for this school which has made such a difference for Ethan, and our family.

Albert Rex

I ride for Scott, my brother, an adult with autism. When I crossed the finish line at B2B DC biking with Scott, in the Family Challenge I saw and felt first-hand all of my fundraising efforts come to fruition. Earlier in the summer Scott learned how to ride a bike in just 5 days at the B2B iCan Shine Bike Camp. Scott inspires me every day with his accomplishments, and when I ride, I ride for him.

Gillian Gladstone

10 Years ago, we found out our first born, Cameron was Autistic. It was the most crushing news any parent would have to face. But it is Cameron who lifted me up. His spirit and genuinely is unmatched….Last year, Cameron bravely met the challenge and became the youngest person EVER to complete the 106 mile Bike to the Beach Ride.

Allan Parvizian
Team Parvizian (DC) - 7-time rider

Last year was my 5th consecutive B2B, and I have raised over $50,000 for autism awareness and research

Gerry Dorros
5-time Rider (DC)

I am a two time B2B Veteran and proud member of Team Doyle. My goal is to support this important cause and increase awareness for autism.

Karen Oleyar
Team Doyle (DC) - 2-time Rider