Why I Bike Video Email #1 - Email Template

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Dear friend,

You may remember I’ve signed up for Bike to the Beach’s (biketothebeach.org) charity cycling ride in support of Autism Speaks this summer. I am so excited to support B2B and the autism community.

Bike to the Beach helps organize 5-day “learn to bike” programs for children on the autistic spectrum who cannot ride bikes when they enroll. By the end of the week, each camper is able to independently ride a bike and feel like a cycling champion. You can see their success here:

[VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/embed/2hQQU6phzp4?list=PLEMffg9PCSrOBTrAitS2XoY2G8ceSQ6op]

Now, as I gear up to take on my own cycling adventure, I’m reaching out to you for any funding support you can offer my campaign for Autism Speaks. Your funds will help B2B hold more of these bike camps, and continue its support of autism-focused research, services, and education in partnership with Autism Speaks nation-wide.

You can go to my personal fundraising page here to donate: https://my.biketothebeach.org/___________________

Thank you, on behalf of the entire B2B community, for your help!