Email Templates

Use these emails to send to your friends, family, co-workers, and people you meet day-to-day. The more you send the more you will get out of it.  You can cut and paste these into your own email browser or login to your fundraising page and send them from there.

Donation Email Templates

  • Four Inspiration Stories

    Use this email to tell four (4) inspirational stories about how how autism affects people and communities.

  • Why We Bike - Bike Camp Video Email

    Tell this amazing story:  Bike to the Beach helps organize 5-day “learn to bike” programs for children on the autistic spectrum who cannot ride bikes when they enroll. By the end of the week, each camper is able to independently ride a bike and feel like a cycling champion.

  • Why We Bike - ``We bike for family`` Video Email

    Mark Morrison joined us last year at Bike to the Beach to support his nephew Max.   Share his story and inspire everyone who bikes for family.

Recruiting Email Templates

  • Bike with me - Bike to the Beach Makes Summer Fun

    Every year the Bike to the Beach group of friends gets bigger. Many riders saying they’ll be back every year, not just for the ride, but to spend time with the people they meet and to bring along new friends.

  • Why We Bike - Raise awareness and funding for autism

    Tell your community why biking to the beach is key to the autism community: More children will be diagnosed with autism than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined.  Research and awareness is critical.