Start a Corporate Ride Team

Bike to the Beach is an excellent opportunity to boost your company profile in the local and regional community. There are several ways to get your company involved, whether it is by becoming a financial sponsor of one of the rides, creating a volunteer team, or by signing up your coworkers to join a “company-sponsored” team!

If your company is interested in supporting your team,  Bike to the Beach will recognize their participation as a sponsor, including placement on our t-shirts, ride jersey, and many other ways.

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There are three (3) ways your company can get involved. Bike to the Beach can create a sponsorship package in any of the following ways:

  • Financial Donation: Your company donates money, in-kind services, or products to Bike to the Beach.
  • Create a Volunteer Team: Your company can sponsor a rest stop or offer volunteer assistance for the event.
  • Create/Sponsor a Ride Team: If your company creates or joins your fundraising team, Bike to the Beach will count 50% of your team’s fundraising dollars towards your Company’s total donation. Utilize this easy way to increase your company’s Sponsorship Tier and increase your visibility at Bike to the Beach events.

How Team Fundraising can boost your company’s sponsorship tier:

Company XYZ was a Silver Sponsor. The company made a $2,000.00 donation and donated $1,500.00 in food for the event.

Company XYZ also increased their sponsorship level to a Gold Sponsorship Level by creating a ride team. Its ride team of 10 people raised a total of $5,000.00. As a result, Bike to the Beach will count 50% of their fundraising total towards XYZ’s Corporate Sponsorship. So, in this case Company XYZ will get a $2,500.00 credit to their sponsorship tier, which has increased their sponsorship level.

Total donation = $6,500

5 Reasons to Take the Corporate Challenge

(1) Tax Deduction

(2) Employee -Engagement:

(3) Value Your Health:

(4) Customer Appreciation:

(5) Happier Employees:

Donations made to Bike to the Beach are Tax Deductible.

Approximately 84% of Americans ages 21-35 consider companies’ commitments to social issues when deciding where to work. 

Office lifestyle is sedentary. Get up and MOVE. Need more motivation? It’s almost summertime. Get in shape and bike with us!

Giving back to the community appeals to your customers. An estimated 91% of consumers are  likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause.

Those who exercise together, build morale together. Those who have a goal will perform more  consistently and be more productive!