Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost to register?

Bike to the Beach now has just two registration options:

  • Standard Registration: $100 with $500 fundraising Commitment
  • Yellow Jersey Registration: $50 with $1,500 fundraising commitment

Early bird pricing will be discounted 20%. Register early because there will be a late registration pricing, as well.

Does the registration fee count towards the fundraising total?

The registration fee does NOT count towards your fundraising total.  The registration fee covers your amazing ride-day experience.

What does my registration cost cover?

Your registration fee covers everything you need to get from your city to the beach:

  • Your custom B2B ride-day jersey
  • Ride Food: Ride nutrition + Meal options
  • Hydration: water and electrolyte beverages
  • Bike mechanics and support
  • First aid support
  • Finisher T-Shirt
  • Finish-Line Celebration

What if I don't have a bike?

We have options for renting a bike for training and the day-of. Bike to the Beach works with many local bike stores offering rental options. Full details for bike rental options are located in our ride guide.

What is you refund policy?

Registrations purchased from Bike to the Beach, Inc. may be refunded only if cancelled within the following timeframe:

  • Full refund within 14 days of the Date of the Transaction
  • After, 14 days of the Date of the Transaction, the registration may be transferred to another Bike to the Beach event OR the registration may be made into a donation.
  • Within 30 days of the Event Day, registration payments may only be made into a donation.

Registration may be transferred to another participant up until 30-days of the event.

Deferments may be granted for various reasons, including injury, pregnancy, military exercise or deployment, and family emergencies; however, the time frames listed above apply.

Why create a team? What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to creating a team, camaraderie, competition, sharing the experience with a friend.

Beyond these social benefits, B2B has different fundraising standards for teams. If you join a team, your fundraising minimum is becomes cumulative. meaning, a team just has to average $500 raised per rider.

  • If you have a team of 4 people, the minimum fundraising total for the team must be $2,000. (4 X $500 = $2,000).

To ensure that all participants are stakeholders in our mission and invested in autism advocacy we require each team member to raise a minimum $250.00.

See our Team Guides for more info!


Who does the fundraising benefit?

Bike to the Beach supports AUTISM & disABILTIES on both a National and Local level.

We partner with service providers and area advocacy organizations in each area we operate. Each of our local non-profit partners are able to fundraise through our event. Our goal is to help local non-profit service providers that are making a difference, and we are actively seeking new partnerships.   Let us know if you think a local provider is a good fit! For more information, click here

Do I have to raise money?

Bike to the Beach participants are required to raise a minimum of $500 OR earn 1,000 fundraising points**. The majority of riders go far above and beyond the minimum:  most riders raise $1,000 and earn more than 2,000 fundraising points.

Our fundraising policy allows riders who may not be able to reach the $500 minimum to support the ride and the cause while earning fundraising points, through a combination of posting on social media, promotion of the event, some fundraising, and recruiting riders. All actions and points can be tracked through riders online participant portal.

If you do not wish to fundraise $500 or pursue earning fundraising points, you can choose the GOAL HITTER Registration which costs $500 and leaves you with no additional fundraising required.

We understand that there are extenuating circumstances. Please contact us if you feel there will be problem meeting your fundraising minimums.

** See “What is the minimum fundraising amount for a team” for team related details.

What if I do not meet my minimum fundraising amount?

We want you to ride. We also want you to fundraise to support the autism community. And our team is here to help you reach your goals.  If you need any help, at any time, contact our team so that we can help you get there.

In order to participate in the ride, we require all riders to hit the minimum fundraising amount of $500 ($250 if on a team) OR earn 1,000 fundraising points by the day of the event. For goals chosen over $500 ($250 if on a team), you have until the end of the calendar year to continue your fundraising efforts.

If you registered for a discounted registration fee level, you must meet that level’s minimum goal by the end of the year. In the case that you do not, you will be liable for the difference in registration costs between the standard rate and your discounted rate.

If you did not reach $500 by the day of the ride your options include:

  • Earning 1,000 fundraising points [More info here]
  • Creating a fundraising plan with B2B staff [Contact us]
  • We understand that there are extenuating circumstances. Please contact us if you feel as if you will have a problem meeting the fundraising minimum.
  • Not riding (but, we hope you do).

Will I receive fundraising support?

Yes, once registered you will have access into the Bike to the Beach fundraising portal. Additional tips, templates and resources are provided by Bike to the Beach.

If, at any point you need fundraising support, tips, or just someone to talk to, contact us.

What is the incentive point system?

Bike to the Beach has has an incentive point system that rewards you for both fundraising and advocating for our cause. You earn points for posting on social media, fundraising, recruiting riders, fundraising, and more.  The points earned are redeemable at our online store.

In addition, fundraising points are an important part of our fundraising policy: Each Bike to the Beach participant cyclist is required to raise the minimum pledge of $500 OR earn 1,000 fundraising points through our fundraising portal.

Click here to view the point system details. And, the best thing: you get points just for signing-up. So, register today.

What is the minimum fundraising amount for a team?

The fundraising minimum for a team is based on the number of people on your team; an average of $500 per person. If you have a team of 4 ppl, the minimum fundraising amount must be $2,000. (4 X $500 = $2,000).

In order to participate in the ride, we require individual team members to hit a minimum fundraising amount of $250 or earn 1,000 fundraising points by the day of the event.  This policy exists to inspire every person on a team to make a fundraising effort and minimize cases where 1 person on a 4 person team raises $4,000, and the others raise $0.00.

Where do I mail donation checks?

Donation checks should be made out to “Bike to the Beach” and mailed to:
Bike to the Beach
1990 K St, NW, 2nd Floor
Washington, DC 20006

What is B2B's Tax ID?

Bike to the Beach, Inc.’s Tax ID is as follows: 26-1809507.

Need the Nitty Gritty?

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Training & Community Events

How much do I need to train?

Anyone can bike to the beach.  Our team will be with you every step of the way to help you succeed.

Some of our riders train every week for Bike to the Beach. Some do not train at all.

The question is: how do you want to feel at mile 85?  In our experience, those who train, feel better at mile 85+ than those who don’t.

We encourage you to train before the ride.  You don’t have to cycle every day, but getting into a workout routine  (if you don’t already have one) is a recommended.  The routine can be anything –  yoga, running, spin-class, crossfit – you name it.  And we offer group training rides and other training resources to help guide you through the preparation process.

Are there training events?

Yes, B2B will host multiple group training rides that can be found on our events page. However, we do encourage our riders to supplement the organized rides with their own training.

What kind of bike do I need?

Riders have done the Charity Ride event on all types of bikes in the past; however, we strongly recommend that individuals use a road bike. While finishing B2B is possible on other styles of bikes, road bikes will make for the most comfortable ride. Bike to the Beach is open to tandems, recumbents, and other types of bikes.

Bike to the Beach works in partnership with many local bike stores offering discounts to B2B riders and guidance in finding the right bike for you.

What kind of events do you host?

Everyone is welcome at Bike to the Beach events, but we are adding focus to events throughout the summer and to our communication for various members of our community. For example …

  • First time rider events: come out to the first time rider events to learn about the logistics of the day and training tips.
  • Team captain events: come to the team captain happy hour to swap ideas on how to motivate your squad and get ideas for planning event weekend details. We will be giving you the information you need to be successful and hosting events that stimulate discussion that you care about.

Will B2B help me host a fundraising event?

Yes, Bike to the Beach will provide participants collateral, apparel, and materials for your fundraising events. Additionally, we have negotiated multiple partnerships with local venues where you can hold your fundraising events, and stores for additional discounts and donated items. Contact Bike to the Beach to put in your request for fundraising event support.

The Ride

Are there stops? Food? Bathrooms?

There are fully equipped rest stops (food, hydration, supplies, bathrooms) set up approximately 15 miles apart.

A little more on food: Energy snacks are provided by Bike to the Beach thanks to our sponsors/partners at every rest stop. Our local partners and sponsors provide extra “goodies” and more substantial food at the rest stops and starting and finish lines. The exact food provided will be messaged to you the week before the ride. You will not go hungry!

How long does it take?

The time that it takes is dependent on rider speed and the route of the specific city. On average, our Century Riders begin at 5 AM and cross the finish line between noon and 4pm.

  • You will not be biking this entire time: There are multiple rest stops (approximately every 15 miles)
  • The Half-Century Riders will begin a few hours later but cross the finish line starting at around the same time.
  • The DC/MD Century Ride includes time off the bike for bus transfer across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

What time do we leave?

Early morning, between 5 -6 AM. The early start  enables our riders  to bike out of the city without traffic complications, avoid midday heat/sun, and enjoy the beach before sun-down.

What do I need to bring on ride day?

You need to bring and wear a helmet, your bike (or rental), comfortable bike clothes and a smile! We do require that you come with essential safety equipment or you will not be able to participate in the ride. These supplies include:

  • Water bottle
  • Rear red blinking light
  • Front white headlight
  • Helmet
  • At least one spare tube
  • Other strongly recommended items include:
  • Bike pump
  • Fully charged cell phone
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash/credit card
  • Saddle bag
  • Handlebar bag
  • Extra nutrition/energy snacks

What if I get a flat tire/ or my bike breaks?

We would like all riders to know how to change tires. If you have trouble changing your own tire, other riders may be able to help. Bike mechanics and chase car vehicles will be on the route, but major mechanical malfunctions will take precedence over flat tires.

See our instructional video on how to change tires. Trust us, it’s easy to learn!

What happens if I can't finish?

You will. Our motto is “Nil Volentibus Arduum – nothing is impossible for the willing”.

Our team will be there to provide you everything you need to finish. We have support vehicles driving along with the riders to provide rides and assistance, if needed.

What is provided during the ride?

Aside from your custom B2B Jersey and t-shirt, we will provide food and hydration along the route, as well as a mechanic to support major bike malfunctions. B2B will transport your luggage/suitcase to the finish line.

In DC/MD – We provide transportation over the bay bridge for both your person and your bike.

Do you hold bags? Transport bags to the finish line?

Yes, each rider is allowed one bag (suitcase, duffle bag. etc). There is a designated Bag Drop area at the starting line. The bags will be transported to the finish line and available for riders to pick-up after the ride.

Need the Nitty Gritty?

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Do you bike home?

No, the event ends at the beach.

How do you get back from the beach? How does my bike get home?

Bike to the Beach offers transportation for you and your bike back to the starting-line after the event concludes.  

However, B2B encourages our riders to invite their friends and families to meet them at the finish line to enjoy the weekend at the beach and the post-ride activities. 

Can we leave our cars at the starting point for the day or weekend?

Yes, the starting line for all 3 ride distances are conveniently located in each city with nearby parking locations. However, each city will have different details, locations, and costs for parking.

What do you do when you get to the beach?

All rides end at our finish line celebration, a gathering for family and friends with music, fun and food. Enjoy your accomplishment, celebrate with friends, and relax at the beach.

Throughout the weekend, there will be several informal/unsponsored gatherings for riders, friends, and family, ranging from a happy hour to a dinner.

B2B will transport your luggage/suitcase to the finish line (approximately one backpack or duffle for each of our riders), so pack a bag and stay awhile.

Where can I stay when I get down to the beach? Are there discounts arranged with hotels/motels at the beach?

Bike to the Beach works with hotels in our beach locations and often offers discounted room blocks. However, our charity rides are over popular weekends and the room blocks may sell out. Please make your accommodation arrangements early. Most hotels do require a two-night minimum.

Volunteers & Friends & Family

What do volunteers do?

Our volunteer roles vary from onsite logistics, drivers, reststop/waterstation leaders, photographers, first aid, bike mechanics etc.

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering or register to volunteer now.

I have family and friends who want to cheer me on. How will they find me?

We encourage all family and friends to cheer for and support their friends and family. The full route with all rest stops is posted for each ride city. Download our Ride Guide and share it with family and friends so that they can pick strategic places to support you along the ride.

Any More Questions?

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